Low Humidity Could Be Ruining These Areas of Your Home


Over time, low humidity has an impact on your interior environment. The lack of moisture in the air can cause certain products and materials in your home a detriment. Below are some things that could be impacted right now by low humidity in your home:

Wood Furniture and Wood Floors

When humidity increases and decreases it causes swelling and shrinking in wood. This includes wood floors and wood furniture. The expanding and shrinking causes cracks to form and, over time, makes the wood more fragile. Swelling and shrinking in more extreme cases can lead to warping and crevices in the flooring.


Too little moisture in the room can cause the paper in your books to become brittle and delicate. A dry cover can warp and more easily chip and damage. The ink on the pages is more susceptible to chipping as well, so it is important to keep them out of low moisture areas.


It is much easier for static electricity to generate in areas with low humidity. This can cause problems with some internal components of certain electrical equipment including your LCD TV, your desktop computer, and gaming consoles, among other possible items. A buildup of static can lead to shorting, sparking, or damage that leaves the device inoperable.


Items like paintings, stamps, photographs, instruments like pianos and guitars, and other miscellaneous objects can also be affected by low humidity. That constant swelling and shrinking of wood can affect your guitars and pianos causing them to crack and lose tuning. Photographs can fade and curl or become fragile. Artwork on your walls can become brittle and crack and, over time, lose its antique feel and value.


One of the biggest impacts of low humidity in your home is your health. The mucus membrane lining your lungs can become inflamed and dry. Your sinuses and throat can become irritated and your eyes can become itchy. Additionally, some viruses can survive longer in dry, low humidity air making it easier to contract illnesses, especially during cold and flu season.

If you live in a dry climate and experience cold, dry winters, the air in your home is likely in a state of low humidity. If you are experiencing any of these impacts, call us for an in-home comfort analysis. Our highly trained professionals will determine the level of humidity in your home and determine solutions to the humidity problems in your home. Air Conditioning


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