HVAC Service Technician Job

Most HVAC Technician Jobs perform the same or similar tasks. We outline the majority of these tasks below.

  • Responds to service calls, drives to site, greets client, performs preventive maintenance and/or troubleshoots nonfunctional systems/equipment to see the nature of the matter.

  • Performs preventive maintenance on instrumentation to prevent failure by cleaning air handling systems and reheat coils, observance and calibrating air handling systems and exchanging filters, motors, fans, belts, etc. on systems. Repairs, replaces and adjusts vents and duct work. Might clean air ducts to maximize efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

  • Assists in locating and resolving issues, assessing extent of repairs and describing choices and associated prices to the client. Provides an outline of diagnosed issues to client in terms that may be understood with choices, as attainable.

  • Obtains client approval for repair and corrects issues.

  • Assists with repairs of complete systems to incorporate repairing, calibrating or exchanging controls, switches, thermostats, transformers, gauges, wiring fans, pumps, compressors, condensers, piping and other functional parts of the system.

  • Checks condensation drain line to confirm that it's freed from gunk and exhausting properly. Treats and/or clears clogged drain lines.

  • Prepares or coordinates sales quotes for replacements and coordinates installation planning.

  • Orders and picks-up components, as needed.

  • Contacts supervisor or dispatch to debate any issues on the task, communicate decision completion or order any components that will be necessary.

  • Maintains and fuels vehicle and stocks the service truck with adequate components.

  • Transports materials and tools to the work site and provides correct accounting of tools and materials.

  • Completes all needed documentation on services, explains guarantees/warranties and collects, records and delivers fees to the workplace.

  • Installs, repairs, replaces or cleans refrigerant lines, fans, appliance vents, smoke detectors, humidifiers and grills, as applicable.

  • Provides product usage data to the client for correct operation and preventive maintenance.

  • Tests repairs and installations by starting unit and checking pressures with gauges to confirm proper operation.

  • Ensures that all HVAC repairs and installations are correct, serviceable and that materials used and workmanship meet the requirements of applicable technical/safety standards and regulative codes. Makes any modification required to confirm correct installation and air balance. Click HVAC Contractors to find a HVACR technician today!

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